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93. Construction

Chapter Editors: Knut Ringen, Jane L. Seegal and James L. Weeks


Table of Contents

Tables and Figures

Health, Prevention and Management

Health and Safety Hazards in the Construction Industry
James L. Weeks

Health Risks of Underground Construction Work
Bohuslav Málek

Preventive Health Services in Construction
Pekka Roto

Health and Safety Regulations: The Netherlands Experience
Leen Akkers

Organizational Factors Affecting Health and Safety
Doug J. McVittie

Integrating Prevention and Quality Management
Rudolf Scholbeck

Major Sectors and Their Hazards

Major Sectors
Jeffrey Hinksman

Types of Projects and their Associated Hazards
Jeffrey Hinksman

Jack L. Mickle

Tools, Equipment and Materials

Scott P. Schneider

Equipment, Machinery and Material
Hans Göran Linder

Francis Hardy

Elevators, Escalators and Hoists
J. Staal and John Quackenbush

Cement and Concrete
L. Prodan and G. Bachofen

     Case Studies: Prevention of Occupational Dermatosis among Workers Exposed to Cement Dust
     Pekka Roto

John Finklea

James L. Weeks


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  1. Selected construction occupations
  2. Primary hazards encountered in skilled construction trades
  3. Occupations excessing standardized mortality & incidence rates
  4. Value of construction projects in Canada, 1993
  5. Contractors on industrial/commercial/institutional projects
  6. Clearance for normal voltage near high-voltage power lines


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Part I. The Body
Part II. Health Care
Part III. Management & Policy
Part IV. Tools and Approaches
Part V. Psychosocial and Organizational Factors
Part VI. General Hazards
Part VII. The Environment
Part VIII. Accidents and Safety Management
Part IX. Chemicals
Part X. Industries Based on Biological Resources
Part XI. Industries Based on Natural Resources
Part XII. Chemical Industries
Part XIII. Manufacturing Industries
Part XIV. Textile and Apparel Industries
Part XV. Transport Industries
Part XVI. Construction
Part XVII. Services and Trade
Part XVIII. Guides